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What is CrossFit?

-Let me tell you about CrossFit

I'm new to CrossFit. What should I expect?

-All new members will need to complete our Foundation Program to build a solid base of correct foundational movements before graduating to our CrossFit classes. Our Foundation Program revolves around instruction on our 9 foundational movements.

Is CrossFit dangerous?

-With the wrong attitude and inexperienced coaching, CrossFit can be dangerous. Our Coaches at Gnardog CrossFit will ensure that your training takes place in the most safe and effective way possible.

What is a W.O.D.?

-A W.O.D. is the workout of the day. Gnardog programs offer a different W.O.D. everyday.

Is Gnardog CrossFit only for young people?

-We have Athletes from teenagers to many over the age of 70.

I haven't done any working out for a long time, can I do this?

-Along with the wide range of ages our Athletes also come to us in a wide range of abilities, backgrounds, & fitness levels. Our Foundation Program builds a foundation for everyone regardless of where you are coming from. You can only start where you currently are, our Coaches are trained to help modify to your ability.

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